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    “…CTI has strengthened our network operation. The support staff is always there and reacts to fix our issues in a prompt and efficient manner. I am not sure…” Read More

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    “…CTI has been our IT specialist since their inception. Their expertise, professionalism, and service has added considerable value…” Read More

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Integrated infrastructure

Our crew has been fitting out offices, dental practices, schools, etc for 25 years. CTI's experience adds value to any installation project.We know there is a right way and a wrong way to mount, install and integrate hardware and peripherals.

Our crews are prepared to handle whatever integrated infrastructure your facility calls for: network and server integration and installations, telecom cabling for telephony, data, as well as infrastructure like Security systems, public announcement, and audio/video.

Get a quote on your project CTI's quotes are no-cost.

Data Carriers

CTI has relationships with all of the leading broadband Data Carriers…

Computer Network Installations etc

Data - Phone - A/V - Security

Whether you have new construction of are refitting an existing structure call CTI for your cabling needs.

Get a free CTI Quote on your cabling project!️ CTI's introductory consultations are no-cost.

In 2001 CTI acquired a cabling and telephony firm whom we had previously subcontracted work to. We liked their work ethic and general disposition, so we took them on board and gave them all red polo shirts. Today, CTI is a leading telecommunications contractor and integrator in the Mid-Atlantic region

  • Data : Network and Internet
  • Phone : PBX and VoIP
  • Security Systems and other low voltage systems
  • Audio / Visual and home theaters
  • Public Address / Intercom

Schedule a free network audit and take advantage of our experienced network engineers. CTI will recommend solutions scaled to your needs and explain what best answers your concerns. Using the latest best practices we will design a network that is resilient and cost effective.

Our network design fits your working environment. The launch and roll-out schedule is tailored to your work schedule and operational imperatives. Every workplace is different. Logistical elements are conceptualized with the future in mind.

CTI has a fleet of cars and vans, and a staff of uniformed systems engineers ready to go. We have a powerful network operations center, and a team who has been together for decades. Let us take care of IT for you.

CTI offers four levels of Workplace Management to keep your business environment running smoothly going forward. These levels of support are designed to allow you and your employees to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Managed Workplace

Which of our four levels of service contract is right for you? Whichever plan you choose, our data protection and ongoing support let you and your employees focus on what you do best: growing your business...

Data protection, security, and recovery is the most important job we do. Nothing is more important than the integrity of your data. To protect yourself from attack or data loss, CTI recommends adopting our three pillars of computer security. The alternative is uncertainty.

Security AwarenessAwareness

Educate yourself and your employees about the threats they will encounter when surfing the web, opening emails, and installing software. At the end of this article we’ve listed several tips concerning computer security. Make sure everyone who uses your network understands these best practices when using a company network.

Security Anti-VirusAnti-Virus

Web filtering puts a shield between yourself and the open internet. Automatically scan emails for known viruses. Block suspicious or unscrupulous websites and content. Stop incoming traffic from gaining access. Anti-virus software scans files locally, and attempts to quarantine known viruses before they are able to infect a machine.

Security BackupData Backup

A secure backup is the final safeguard against an attack. If all else fails, restoring to a previous system state is sometimes the only defense left.

We like computer hardware and peripherals. We have the latest tech in our lives and we will love putting these incredible machines into your hands as well. We’ll put together a quote for a professional grade hardware solution which will harmonize your different systems to help run your business reliably for years.

Computer Sales

CTI is a reseller of the major brands, and also has relationships with many industry specific vendors of specialty items and systems.

Telecom ( PBX & VoIP )

Since we started offering telephone support and service 18 years ago CTI's telecom services have grown and become even more closely woven with our data network design. From digital phones to hosted VoIP and SIP trunking we have installed well over a thousand business telephone systems with many of those still running after twelve years or more without replacement.

CTI Technical Services is proud to be a Panasonic Silver Partner. Our relationship with Panasonic has strengthened over the years while their product line has expanded and kept pace with the emergence on new technologies in telecommunications.


Consider our HAAS Program (Hardware as a Service) for a completely unburdened full-cycle computer hardware experience.

CTI bundles software subscription and assures your work environment is configured to run smoothly. The right configuration can make the difference between frustration and flow.

CTI is a reseller of the major brands, and also has relationships with many industry specific vendors of specialty software like learning aids and dental practice management suites.

Talk to us about subscription services and software compatibility. CTI's introductory consultations are no-cost.


Microsoft Products Email encryption services Anti-Virus Software

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