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Erik Eisen, CEO of CTI Technical Services spoke with Irvin Schorsch on his Podcast, Reinvent Rich

A premium combination of IT services for local businesses

IT support and managed services in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Our clients talk to a friendly, familiar voice and get their IT issues responded to within minutes.

Call (215) 395-8900 and put us to the test.

The Best of Everything

The Complete—No Corners Cut—IT Package

At CTI we offer many combinations of products and solutions to fit your business, but here on the front-page I'm going to talk about our top notch services and how they work in concert to protect you and deliver to you the most benefit from your office computers. Click through the links in each section to learn more about our offerings and find helpful guides packed with information about managed services, IT support, cyber security, and more.

In a company meeting discussing our procedures and emerging technology. Note: Luigi Giannattasio is present but not shown because he is taking the picture.

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Receive Your FREE Report, What Every Business Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

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Unlimited Tech Support

Managed Services

By offering this plan we’ve created a lasting synergy between your company and ours, like the busy bee and the sweet flower. With this support offer—The VIP Platinum Plan—a business pays a consistent rate for ongoing help-desk and on-site service.

You call: We answer your questions. You need a tech at your office: We drive out. No hidden up-charges or caps on service. We have a policy of never saying an issue is not our problem. If an issue results from the fault of an outside vendor we will communicate with that vendor until the issue is resolved. We’ll never play hot potato with your network.

With the VIP Platinum Plan, CTI offers the owner of any sized business the benefit of a full and diverse IT staff without resorting to annexing new office space and doubling the company’s coffee expense. Most of our clients opt for the Platinum Plan which is good for them and good for us. If this wasn’t the case, or if our Platinum Plan clients were unhappy, we would wonder if we should even offer an unlimited support option. Instead, the satisfaction and gratitude is written in the testimonials peppered around this site, and it turns out The VIP Platinum Plan is a very popular and very valuable deal for our clients.

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Full-Cycle Care

Hardware as a Service

Hardware As A Service(HAAS) is for businesses that don't feel nostalgic over their aging machines. With this plan CTI is responsible for every aspect of the computers in your office including keeping the hardware components up to current specs, and swapping them with faster and better machines as technology advances. Pay for using computers—not for collecting them.

It used to be, what was yours was yours. Now it makes more sense to use material possessions as a service and move on. Instead of caring for aging equipment, fresh new hardware arrives at regular intervals. Instead of wondering when your machines will fail to cooperate with your software, your systems progress at a steady pace with technology. Instead of stock-piling old computers and peripherals, move on and trade up.

Computers aren’t like a trusty old hammer that serves its wielders through generations. They’re more like… …well actually, there is no allegory to what computers are like. There has never been a device which has progressed and improved this quickly and this greatly in all history. Each generation of processor and storage medium is a vaulting improvement on the last.

The HAAS Program seats you on the crest of that innovation wave. The hardware becomes our responsibility under this program. We handle the general upkeep of the machines, replacement of any faulty parts, and the removal and recycling of old machines. When you enter into this program you enter into the future of computing.

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Rest Assured

Cyber Security

The preparation of Data Protection, Cyber Security, and Recovery is the most important job we do. It’s the Top Priority. Nothing is more important than the integrity of your data. To protect yourself from attack or data loss, CTI recommends adopting our Three Pillars of Computer Security. The alternative to hiring a qualified firm like ours to protect your interests is uncertainty: It’s a risk you can not afford to take.


Educate yourself and your employees about the threats they will encounter when surfing the web, opening emails, and installing software. In this article we’ve listed several tips concerning computer security. Make sure everyone who uses your network understands these best practices when using a company network.


Web filtering puts a shield between your network and the open internet. Automatically scan emails for known viruses. Block suspicious or unscrupulous websites and content. Stop incoming traffic from gaining access. Anti-virus software scans files locally, and attempts to quarantine known viruses before they are able to infect a machine.

Data Backup

A secure backup is the final safeguard against an attack. If all else fails, restoring to a previous system state is sometimes the only defense left. It should be designed and built to be very strong, right?

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Connecting the Dots

Cabling & Installation

This is, by far, the most fascinating and intriguing facet of our business. The dust, the climbing, the reaching and peering into the dark recesses and conduits of an office computer network. Connectivity at it’s most raw!

No, no. Sorry. Cabling and Data Routing is not very exciting. But it is very important and we do take it very seriously. Our crew has been fitting out Offices, Dental Practices, Charter Schools, Country Clubs, etc for 25 years. CTI's experience adds value to any installation project. We know there is a right way and a wrong way to mount, install, and integrate hardware and peripherals. We’ve been around the block and back again.

Our crews are prepared to handle whatever integrated infrastructure your facility calls for: Network Server Design and Installations, Business Telephone Installations, as well as custom infrastructures like Security Systems, Public Announcement(PAs), and Audio/Video.

Get a free CTI Quote on your cabling project!️ CTI's introductory consultations are no-cost.

Data Carriers

The internet is the largest and heaviest object ever made by humans. CTI has relationships with all of the leading broadband Data Carriers…

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VIP Telecom Plan

Office Telephones: PBX or VoIP

Last known report from a business who did not take their phone systems seriously: “Journal Entry, May 12th: The office is quiet—too quiet. The phones have stopped ringing, and we are isolated from the outside world. Cut off from all communication with our customers, I fear we are losing potential business by the hour. The Accounting Department has reported, if telephony is not restored by week’s end, the worst is yet to come…”

CTI offers no-questions-asked VIP Telecom Support and component replacement. Our guaranteed support mitigates surprise outages and downtime. This plan is similar to our VIP Platinum IT Support Plan, extended to your telephone system.

When every hour without a fully operating phone system hurts, rely on CTI’s Emergency Care and Remote Configuration to get your business lines ringing again.

Our Company & Team

About Us

CTI Technical Services is a computer consulting firm delivering network design, information architecture, and support. Our network engineers have decades of experience designing the best solutions to meet our clients' technical needs.

The CTI Team is made up of individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders and specialists in the information technologies industry. While thinking big and delivering excellent solutions, we have become the premiere IT Support firm and consultancy in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Call (215) 395-8900 to speak with your own Personal Systems Engineer, or call for 24/7 Emergency Service. Dedicated, professional IT specialists are standing by. They’re waiting for your call: Raring to go. Do you have a computer problem or question? Let ‘em at it. It just takes one call. So, pick up the phone. Act now. I mean it. Just let your fingers do the dialing. That number again is (215) 395-8900 for the Greater Philadelphia Area or Delaware Valley.

Our Clients Own Words

Omnivest Properties

Robin Eglin

Owner – Newtown, ST

24/7/365 Peace of Mind Support for your Computer Network

“Very knowledgeable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. If you are looking for 24/7/365 Peace of Mind support for your business try CTI Tech for 6 months and you will be sold.”

Leslie J. Green, D.M.D., L.L.C.

Leslie Green, DMD

General Dentist – King of Prussia, PA

CTI is the Company You Are Looking For.

“I have been using CTI for my office computer support for over 15 years. Their service and support has been exemplary. I began using CTI in my previous office for hardware and software installation. Each time I needed a software upgrade the seamless integration promised by our practice management software became seamless aggravation. Fortunately, CTI was there to work through the glitches of the upgraded software as well as printer and video technology challenges.

Anyone who tells you that their software or hardware integrates seamlessly with whatever system you have is giving you “fake news.”

The move to my new office went quite smoothly from a technological perspective and with solid support. Hardware and software were installed efficiently. Any bugs that occurred during our first days were resolved. With remote access CTI resolved the inevitable software problems we encountered. Cognizant of our concerns about security and HIPAA compliance CTI provides us with redundant backup systems and regular support updates.

If your company is seeking installation of new computer equipment, audio-video, telephone and /or new technological installation CTI is the company you are looking for.

Please note that I did not receive remuneration for my testimonial. I am just very fortunate and happy to deal with a company that consistently delivers what they promise.”

Alliance for Progress Charter School

Joanna Hightower

CEO/Principal – North Philadelphia, PA

Always one step ahead

“CTI is always one step ahead which keeps our mission alive and ready for tomorrow's learning!”

Read CTI's Case Study for AFPCS

Talamore Family of Clubs

Raymond Sowden

General Manager – Ambler, PA

The Support Staff Is Always There

“CTI has strengthened our network operation. The support staff is always there and reacts to fix our issues in a prompt and efficient manner. I am not sure what we would do without their services.”

Read CTI's Case Study for Talamore

LuLu Country Club

Jon Rusk

Manager – Glenside, PA

They Saved Our Business From Total Disaster

“I am so thankful that we partnered with CTI and chose to enroll in their preventative maintenance plan: A few years ago, our building caught fire overnight and burnt to the ground. Everything was gone. My first thought was, “We’re done…we’re out of business!”  Thankfully CTI, with their preventative managed services approach, had been backing up our systems and data offsite and were able to get us back up and running within 24 hours in a temporary trailer.  Their rapid response and problem resolution to our issues is invaluable.  What CTI gives us is complete “peace of mind” that our computer systems will always be up and running despite any issues that may come up.”

CTI Technical Services • 1810 County Line Road, Suite 408 • Huntingdon Valley PA 19006 • E-Mail: • Phone: (215) 395-8900 • Fax: (215) 355-4907

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