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Case Study for Alliance for Progress Charter School

Alliance for Progress Charter School — Network Design, Installation, Infrastructure, and Scheduled Maintenance

1821 Cecil B. Moore Ave. - Philadelphia, PA 19121

Alliance for Progress Charter School (AFPCS) is a community–based K-8 school in North Philadelphia. The school was founded in 1998: “The vision of AFPCS is to empower children to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and technological competence that will make them lifetime learners and achievers in a technologically oriented world.”

CTI Technical Services was referred to AFPCS by one of our customers after the school’s network failed, leaving them without email or file sharing. Also, much of the existing hardware was past due for replacement; faculty was using various personal email addresses for communication; and connectivity between their school buildings was unreliable.

CTI technicians were able to quickly get the school’s network back up, along with their email and file server. After a complete network audit the aging hardware was either refurbished or replaced, including a new file server. A cloud based email solution was implemented bringing everyone’s addresses under one domain.

In order to bring the school’s three buildings under one WAN(Wide Area Network) fiber optics was run between two buildings and all three were then connected over a dedicated internet connection. Next, CTI determined where access points should go to provide full coverage under a mesh Wi-Fi Network. During the network upgrade, our telecom technicians replaced the schools’ phone systems with one PBX system running over IP to handle all the lines of the three buildings as one integrated system.

After the successful refresh of AFPCS’s core systems, we went on to bolster the school’s technology by installing Interactive SmartBoards, installing classroom projectors and TVs, upgrading classroom paging system, designing the afpcp.com website, and placing student bound laptops preconfigured to the school’s specifications. Our latest project for AFPC was the installation and configuration of Office 365 For Education to utilize Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Team to improve faculty communication and Parent/Teacher/Student interaction.

Regularly scheduled onsite service visits for FPCS performed by a dedicated technician allows for constant maintenance to this evolving environment. Our visiting tech is always on the lookout for better ways to improve and uphold the system just as he would if it was our own network at the offices of CTI.

Joanna Hightower, CEO/Principal

“CTI is always one step ahead which keeps our mission alive and ready for tomorrow's learning!”

—Joanna Hightower, CEO/Principal
Philadelphia, PA

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