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Network Attached Storage

Your data is safe. We recommend a NAS (Network Attached Storage) as the local backup drive used with your CTI backup plan(Available for as low as $60 a month). We find the NAS stands the best chance of surviving a RansomeWare or other virus attack because it is isolated from the operating systems of the servers and workstations on your network. We have recovered complete networks infected by a RansomeWare attack from a backup on a customer’s NAS.

  • 6TB Starting at $899
  • *Installation and configuration included
  • *3TB useable space

Request a call from CTI about a NAS for your business CTI sales quotes and assessments are no-cost.

CTI Technical Services • 1810 County Line Road, Suite 408 • Huntingdon Valley PA 19006 • E-Mail: • Phone: (215) 395-8900 • Fax: (215) 355-4907

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