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Data Storage and Recovery Tips

We’re Sending in Backup

You've got to back it up. If something happens, knowing your data is safe can mean the difference between an urgent phone call or the loss of profits and the loss of your business. Get your data backed up locally and get your data backed up to the cloud.

  • When faced with a file recovery situation, contact support immediately.
  • Ensure laptops are coordinating with the backup, and aren’t missing their scheduled upload time.
  • Is there enough room in your storage device, and cloud storage plan to keep a thorough timeline of your system’s state? The more space you have available, the more dates are available for recovery.
  • All new machines using your network need to be registered with CTI and configured for automated management including backups.
  • We recommend NAS(Network Attached Storage) for all critical system backups.
  • We recommend CTI’s VIP Platinum Plan for 24/7 response concerning all emergencies.
  • Medical/Dental Practices, while the Pennsylvania Statute (§563.6) goes on at length about how microfilm should be handled, it also states patient records must be maintained for 7 years following the discharge of a patient, or until seven years after that patient’s 18th birthday. Delaware’s Statute (§1761) requires the same 7 years. New Jersey Statute (§26:8-5) maintains that patient records must be kept for 10 years or until the patient reaches 23 years of age, whichever is the longer period of time.
  • I did some calculations and estimated that for every 5MB picture, 50MB of storage is used to put it on the cloud, to back it up locally and off-site. If I post it on Facebook, who knows how much room it could end up taking up.

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