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Script Kiddies, That Guy Who Got Fired, & The Curious Mind

Who are the people who might try and ruin your day by infiltrating your computer security? We all know about hackers. They wear hoodies and eat Cheetos. Some of them drive suped up Honda Civics, while others live in their mother's basement surrounded by manga figurines: Traditional Hackers. Sometimes they are called “Script Kiddies”. Anyone can download an exploit from the internet and use it to break into an under-protected network. But honestly, the most likely culprit in any malicious data breach is a disgruntled employee. Someone gets upset, and before cooler heads prevail, the project they were working on is deleted, or the customer mailing-list has been copied and erased. Any server or machine kept current with operating system updates and anti-virus definitions is protected against most vulnerabilities and exploits. A robust network security system will prevent an innocent user from poking around and downloading software they shouldn’t be, and accessing files they shouldn’t have access to.

The best way to keep ex-employees from abusing their credentials is with remote instant account freezing. Before they even find out they have something to be upset about, an employee’s access can be revoked and their communications forwarded. This doesn’t help much in business environments where employees insist on sharing office passwords, and keeping machines unlocked. When a network is chronically left open in this way, the best a business owner can hope for is the kindness of their fellow man.

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