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The Cloud

…up through the atmosphere! Up where the data is secure and retrievable per addressable administrative safeguards described in the 2013 Omnibus : HIPAA Final Ruling Section 164.308

There is safety in numbers. While remote accessibility might be the initial reason file storage and backup solutions are moving to the cloud, the security of having many copies of your data held in a distant datacenter will change your mind about how file storage works, and what “having a file” really means. Cloud technology replicates your data; sending copies to the far reaches of the web: and now one fault in the system can never result in file loss. At first it might appear, letting your data be particulate, and dispersed into the atmosphere of remote servers and data centers necessitates a loss of control. But, with the highest forms of encryption in place and an organized retrieval platform, having one’s data up in the cloud can be freeing. No longer having your files and information tied to a single machine or device allows a user to move freely from machine to machine—from platform to platform.

For any business or individual, moving to a hybrid local/cloud storage system is sound advice. Medical practices maintaining Protected Health Information are mandated by HIPAA to have electronic records stored securely at an off-site location as per Final Rule, 45.CFR§164.308(a)(7)(ii)(A), “Establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable copies of electronic protected health information.” Without a cloud-based redundant backup policy, it is impossible for a medical or dental practice to reliably recover from data loss within the 48 hour period mandated before a contingency plan must be acted upon.

As part of our Managed Workplace CTI Connection CTI offers an ultra-secure solution, Tier-IV certified off-site storage with 99.995% uptime per year, 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure, SSAE-16 compliant data-centers, and AES-256 encryption. CTI implements a variety of intranet, business database, and practice management software to insure complete integration between workflow and data integrity.

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