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CTI Connection

Automated Maintenance

Affordable Support Plans

This Network security and maintenance package is for clients who prefer to pay for help desk and onsite support by the hour. This level of Managed Service is only recommended for very small businesses with simple computer needs. Without at least this level of service we would honestly fear for the safety of your data.

CTI’s remote monitoring and administration is running on your network around the clock providing an operational diagnostic and repair regimen. Hundreds of checks are run, files are scanned, resilience tests are run and logged; alerts and status reports are received by a control center technician; corrections and reports are made to fix the situation if necessary. It all happens effortlessly from the perspective of you, the customer, like a whisper through a wire, without a sound in the dark of the night.

But, who is watching? Who knows what’s going on? Is the network okay? Yes. The CTI control center is ever vigilant. Anti-virus and backup systems are keeping your data safe. Updates and patches are being made remotely. Improvements are being assessed, and automatically implemented. Whirring away in a dark and air-conditioned network operation center, the machines are tending the machines. Sleep soundly while they purr.

CTI Connection Includes

Backup and Recovery

  • Fully Automated Cloud Backup
  • Daily Server Backup
  • Complete Disk Imaging
  • Fast and Easy Remote Recovery

Anti-Virus and Security

  • Anti-Virus and Security
  • Virus and Spyware Detection

Managed Services

  • Automated Virus Definition Updates
  • Complete Automated MS Windows Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Application Updating: Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Firefox, etc.
  • Server Availability Testing
  • Backup Job Verification
  • Hardware Audit

Anti-Virus and Security

  • Discounted Hourly Labor Rates: %15 off Help Desk, Remote, or On-site Tech Support
  • Biannually on-site network health review

CTI Technical Services • 1810 County Line Road, Suite 408 • Huntingdon Valley PA 19006 • E-Mail: • Phone: (215) 395-8900 • Fax: (215) 355-4907

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