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The HAAS Program

Full-Cycle Care

Computer leasing and Maintenance

Hardware As A Service(HAAS) is for businesses that don't feel nostalgic over their aging machines. With this plan CTI is responsible for every aspect of the computers in your office including keeping the hardware components up to current specs, and swapping them with faster and better machines as technology advances. Pay for using computers—not for collecting them.

It used to be, what was yours was yours. Now it makes more sense to use material possessions as a service and move on. Instead of caring for aging equipment, fresh new hardware arrives at regular intervals. Instead of wondering when your machines will fail to cooperate with your software your systems progress at a steady pace with technology. Instead of stock-piling old computers and peripherals, move on and trade up. These machines aren’t like a trusty old hammer that serves its wielders through generations. They’re more like… …well actually, there is no allegory to what computers are like. There has never been a device which has progressed and improved this quickly and this greatly in all history. Each generation of processors and storage medium is a vast improvement on the last.

The HAAS Program puts you on the crest of that wave of forward progress. The hardware becomes our responsibility under this program. We handle the general upkeep of the machines, replacement of any faulty parts, and the removal and recycling of old machines. When you enter into this program you enter into the future of computing.

The HAAS Program Includes

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