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Our clients aren't stupid

The top 7 reasons why they chose CTI:

1 An Installation Schedule Which Fits Your SCHEDULE.

We understand a thriving business isn’t an environment where our client can step aside or leave their desk while an installation takes place. You shouldn’t have to work around a crew of technicians during a project or repair. An IT consultant aware of busy and tight schedules should be prepared to fulfill project installations on days when the practice is closed or on a time table which allows the disturbance to be mitigated.

2 Each Time You Call CTI You'll Hear a FAMILIAR Voice.

Our clients are more than just a name in a database and knowing each of their unique needs allows us to reach an answer to tech support questions faster. As CTI staff gets to know your staff, stress is reduced for both you and us. Providing personal care—thanks to our record of client and staff retention—has proven to be an effective strategy in relationship building.

3 We RESPOND to Inquiries and Support Tickets Within Minutes.

When you call or message CTI support, a technician begins diagnosing your trouble ticket within minutes. Most problems can be resolved that day, if not within hours. We understand the worst feeling for a person who is having computer trouble is not knowing if you are being heard or thinking your concerns are not a priority. With CTI, communication is always fast and attentive.

4 We Foster GROWTH Amongst Our Staff and Share Ideas.

Our group of technicians, engineers, and software developers are in constant communication with each other about changes and improvements in our field. We don't rest on our laurels here at CTI. You could say we have a somewhat restless attitude toward how well we are serving our clients. We hold weekly meetings about better technologies we could offer and better policies we could institute.

5 We Treat YOUR IT as an Extension of OUR OWN Operations.

We don't practice a "set it and forget it" model of operation for your network. Any system failure or security weakness that may crop up in our client's network is an urgent situation. We genuinely feel anxious when a client decides to skimp on security or use outdated, unpatched software. It's not our data being put in jeopardy, but we worry like it is, and we get nervous around the office if our clients' networks aren't being kept up to spec.

6 Other IT Firms Offer To Do the Job, Then Pass the Work To a Third Party.

We offer many IT services in-house, from cabling to web app development. Your Business will not need all of our services. More important than how many services we offer is that we provide them all internally. Instead of farming out work and subcontracting, we keep all work under one roof. The CTI staff member installing software on your laptop is in direct communication with the CTI staff member deploying your file server. What this means for you is that you will not become the middle man in a conversation about mismatched technology.

7 We Have Three Decades of EXPERIENCE to Draw From.

Members of our staff have been working together since the days when networks first became a viable possibility for small to medium sized businesses. In the early nineties we transitioned from maintaining networks for only the largest companies to starting our own company installing and maintaining office sized workplaces. There have been many changes since we began and we stay committed to keeping our clients on the forefront of technology and business standards.

Receive Your FREE Report, What Every Business Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

Receive Your FREE Report, What Every Business Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

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